IBCP Assessment

IBCP students are assessed formatively and summatively. Formative assessment in the at least 2 DP courses at any level comprises teacher feedback on drafts of work, on examinations, including mock examinations and orals and on classroom participation and demonstrated understanding of subject material. Summative assessment uses the published Diploma criteria for the assessment of student work, and at the end of each term the grade boundaries are applied to arrive at a 1-7 grade. IBCP students sit examinations at the end of DP year 1 (Y12), and in May of DP year 2 (Y13). The grades from these form part of their summative assessment grade at OIS. In the core of the IBCP, language development will be internally assessed and authenticated by OIS and will also determine whether ATL-Approaches to Learning and CS-Community and Service/Service Learning have been satisfactorily completed or not. The RP-Reflective Project will be internally assessed but externally moderated by the IB.

In Portugal the IBCP is ruled by Despacho 9943/2015, see Anexo I and II