IBCP Deadlines

January: Initial meeting with IBCP students

February: Research on Ethics

March: Define a topic

April: Concrete research

May: Plan with dates

June: Progress check according to student’s plan

September: Research – collecting information completed

October: Analysis completed

December: Final draft completed

January: Final version RP

If a student misses a deadline:

1. The subject teacher will contact the homeroom tutor who will then contact parents, and copy the Senior Tutor, expressing his/her concern. The Senior Tutor will take further action if necessary.

2. Late work will not be assessed, and the teacher has the right to give or not give feedback.

3. Each term’s summative grades will be based on work handed in on time.

4. A parental note is needed to justify absence on the deadline day, otherwise an extension will not be granted.

5. The Senior Tutor will contact the parents expressing general concerns if this has happened in more than one subject.

6. If the deadline missed is the final deadline for a compulsory component of a DP subject, a meeting with parents, student and Senior Tutor will be arranged to discuss further action, which may include failing that component.

Students have access to an online database (Managebac) where all deadlines are posted. This enables them to plan accordingly and to foresee any problems concerning the dates. If exceptional circumstances apply, students should see the teacher well in advance.