Admissions Policy

Policy reviewed as needed, then approved at ELT and Board Levels

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Oeiras International School is committed to promoting a respectful community of independent and passionate lifelong learners who are aware of their roles and responsibilities in an ever-changing world.

To this end, we offer a variety of learning experiences within a supportive and challenging environment of rigorous academic programmes.

Our Vision:

Quality international education throughout the school with a special focus on the development of the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM); the backward planning of the IB-PYP from the IB-MYP and the IB-MYP from the IB-DP and IB-CP; and the well-being of the OIS community.

This involves all students, teachers and staff, parents, founders, associates and friends.

OIS Values


OIS fosters an honest, honourable and fair environment.


OIS builds character by fostering respect for ourselves and others, regardless of beliefs and creeds, as we contribute to building a better society.

Commitment & Service

OIS promotes reliability and dependability in work and studies, as well as selfless actions of service in the school community and beyond.


OIS respects the diverse background and needs of all members of our community. Understanding these differences and working cooperatively, each individual can reach his / her full potential.

Excellence / Personal Challenge

OIS celebrates excellence and honours commitment to personal growth toward one’s full potential, understand that failure is a necessary part of the path to success.

Our admissions policy is commensurate with our vision and values

Guiding Principles

The school accepts students between 10 and 18 years of age regardless of ethnicity, religious belief, nationality, social background, or gender, and wishes to promote learning, cultures, and international understanding.

Oeiras International School is committed to attracting students who have a positive attitude and wish to be involved in the Middle Years, the Diploma or the Career Related programmes of the International Baccalaureate.

Students will receive appropriate support to achieve their academic and social potential.

Priorities for Admission

  • First Priority: Present students, students of OIS staff and founding / associate members will have first priority for places in the following year.
  • Second Priority: Given to siblings of current OIS students.
  • Other applicants will be accepted as they apply, as long as there is space in the school, and subject to the procedures set out below.
  • Under equal previous conditions, an offer will be made to the student(s) with the best previous academic records.

Restrictions on Admission:

A learning support programme has been developed at Oeiras International School as in any other inclusive IB World School. However, applicants with severe emotional needs cannot be catered for.

Procedures for Admission:

It is the intention of the school to accept applicants:

  1. After a placement test has been completed, and we have received the questionnaire sent to the former school.
  2. After the respective (MYP or DP) coordinator has interviewed the applicant and approves the applicant’s admittance.
  3. When it has been decided which level is appropriate for the applicant after receiving full academic records from the previous school’s profiling and Maths tests have been analysed.
  4. After parents have completed the registration form and the student has signed the Academic Honesty, IT Use, and Code of Conduct Agreements with the school.
  5. When the contract between the school and the parents has been signed and the registration fee has been paid.

The school has no deadline for applications, and students may be admitted during the academic year. If acceptance takes places after the winter break, school fees are payable for the second semester only.

If parents are in doubt as to whether the student will be successful at the school, a week’s trial period can be arranged. This trial period is free of tuition charge if it is decided that the child will not to join the school permanently.


In order to ensure that teaching and learning is differentiated to meet the needs of students, it is very important that we receive relevant and available documentation from any previous school(s) and to have an interview with the applicant.

Minimum Requirements for Admission to the Diploma Programme (IB-DP)

  • Students new to the school will be required to take Entrance Examinations in English and Mathematics, and produce other admissions documentation (e.g. previous year reports and / or exam grades).
  • DP Coordinator, together with MYP and DP teachers, will review individual applications.
  • Minimum grade of 5 in MYP English B – Proficient or Capable phase.
  • For Higher Level Subjects: Minimum grade of 5 in the MYP (or equivalent programme).
  • For Mathematics HL: Minimum grade of 6 in MYP Mathematics Extended (or equivalent).
  • For Mathematics SL: Minimum grade of 6 in MYP Mathematics Standard (or equivalent).