The OIS Code of Conduct

sets the standard by which members of the OIS Community measure their relationships with others


The OIS Code of Conduct sets the standard by which members of the OIS community measure their relationships with others.

The Code is based on the development of attributes of the IB learner profile. The values and attitudes of the school community that underpin the culture and ethos of a school are significant in shaping the future of its young people.

In a school that has a commitment to the values inherent in the IB learner profile, these values will be readily apparent in classroom and assessment practices, the daily life, management and leadership of the school.

We have high expectations of the entire community at OIS. Mutual co-operation, respect for property, respect for our environment and, above all, respect for each other are essential to our happiness.

The purpose of this Code is to set the context for a safe and productive learning environment by outlining expected behaviour in a caring school.

Reference is made to the school community throughout this Code. The school community includes students, all staff, parents, and all adults whose roles or jobs place them in contact with the students in school settings and school activities.

The IB Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st century.

The attributes of the profile express the values inherent to the IB continuum of international education: these are values that should infuse all elements of the IB programmes and therefore the culture and ethos of all IB World Schools.

The learner profile provides a long-term vision of education. It is a set of ideals that can inspire, motivate and focus the work of schools and teachers, uniting them in a common purpose.

The attributes and descriptors of the leaner profile define the type of learner the IB hopes to develop through its programmes.

Adapted from the IB Learner Profile Booklet, March 2006.

Equal Education Opportunity Statement

No student at OIS will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any programme or activity on the basis of sex or sexual orientation, race, religious belief, national origin, ethnic group, or disability.

Roles of Students, School Personnel, and Parents

The cooperation of students, parents, school staff, and the community remains essential in providing an appropriate environment for learning to take place. Our students must understand their rights and responsibilities in relationship to achieving the maximum from every educational experience.

OIS Code of Conduct Agreement for Students

Students enrolled in OIS are subject to the OIS code of conduct while at school and when attending all school-sponsored activities, which include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Transportation on school buses or any other transport on their way in or out of school
  • Field trips
  • Athletic functions
  • Club or group meetings
  • School-sponsored social events
  • Trips by school groups to educational events

Students will:

  • Attend all classes on time, in uniform (or tidily dressed if in Years 12 or 13), and with the proper materials needed for schoolwork. These materials may be carried in a computer bag.
  • Show respect for all people and property at OIS, especially towards the learning environment in classes.
  • Understand that mobiles, ipads, ipods and earpods are not allowed on school grounds.
  • Not eat or drink (except for water), in classrooms. Not bring chewing gum into school.
  • Not use or have in their possession dangerous objects. Students will also not misuse common place objects,, including but not limited to keys, padlocks, etc.
  • Co-operate fully with the teacher in charge whenever the need exists to evacuate the room or building in any emergency. Teachers will be instructed on proper procedures and everyone is to act accordingly with safety always in mind.
  • Conduct themselves in a responsible manner when attending any trips or events as representatives of OIS.
  • Be aware that OIS has a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol, pornography and drugs. Any type of medicine cannot be kept by students and must be given to the school nurse.
  • Be responsible for the tidiness and correct use of class materials, in and outside areas of the school.
  • Respect all belongings of the school community.Be present in school during the school day and events, unless otherwise properly authorised by the Principal.
  • Participate in the election of Student Council, House Captains and Class Prefects
  • No personal pictures nor images or sounds can be recorded from any classroom or school activity and consequently be published on Facebook or sent via internet without the Principal’s permission.
  • Overall abide by the OIS Code of Conduct.

OIS Code of Conduct Agreement for School Personnel

School Personnel will:

  • Maintain a proper environment for learning.
  • Show respect for all students.
  • Support the use of proper guidance procedures.
  • Communicate regularly with parents.
  • Encourage parental support of school activities.

School Personnel will:

  • Act in a professional, responsible manner.
  • Take part in professional development activities.
  • Employ various disciplinary and guidance procedures, such as:
    • Conferences and / or contact between administrator(s), parent(s), teacher(s), and student(s);
    • Referral to appropriate personnel for counseling, psychological evaluations, or other needed services.

OIS Code of Conduct Agreement for Parents

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Maintain close communication with the school staff concerning their child’s performance and behaviour.
  • Make certain that their child attends school regularly and send a written note to school when their child is absent or late.
  • Supply their child with materials needed for schoolwork and with the school uniform.

Parents/Guardians will:

  • Communicate to school any problems or condition that may affect their child or other children in the school.
  • Discuss reports and school assignments with their child.
  • Supply school with current home and work telephone numbers.


Remember at all times that we are representatives and ambassadors of Oeiras International School
  1. Students must conduct themselves responsibly at all times.
  2. The drinking of alcohol, bullying, smoking, sexual impropriety, stealing and vandalism are not tolerated. In the last resort the Principal reserves the right to expel a student.
  3. The school has a zero tolerance policy towards the use, sale and possession of illegal drugs; as well as for any other type of business involving buying and selling.