The Board and Founding Members

OIS – Oeiras International School, Associação SFL is a charity founded in 2009 by 30 investors and associates. The number of founding members can increase up to 50. Every four years these founders elect the Board, the Fiscal Board and three top members to run the General Assemblies: the Chair, the Vice-Chair and the Secretary. The Board consists of a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, two members, two substitutes and the Principal of the school who is a non-voting member. They meet at least once a year in a General Assembly. OIS, ASFL is governed by by-laws that were approved at the last General Assembly in August. The Board meets every fortnight from September 1st to July 15th.

Last elections occurred on October 22nd, 2019;

Board of Directors


  1. BD President: Hugo Gonçalves Pereira
  2. BD Vice-President: Filipa Mendes Pinto
  3. BD Treasurer: João Paula Santos
  4. BD member: Desmond Green
  5. BD member: Koen Kam
  6. BD substitute member: José Pujol
  7. BD substitute member: Catarina Soares
  8. BD Principal: non-voting member

Fiscal Board


  1. FB Chair: Joaquim Paiva Chaves
  2. FB member: Pedro Leitão
  3. FB member: Francisco Moreira

General Assemblies


  1. GA Chair: João Paulo Girbal
  2. GA Vice-Chair: Maria do Rosário Empis
  3. GA Secretary: Fernando Olavo

The Principal

As the Head of the School the Principal is directly responsible to the Board of Directors.

The Educational Leadership Team

The curriculum and day-to-day running of the school is the responsibility of the Educational Leadership Team: the Principal, the Head of Curriculum/Deputy, the Dean of Students / Deputy, the DP Coordinator and the MYP Coordinator. As a group they oversee the academic programme and pastoral care for the school. They are also involved in the development and communication of the school’s strategic plan.

The School’s Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan (SP) sets out the areas for the future development of the school.
As its goals are met, the plan is revised. We have successfully completed the first Three Year Plan in August 2013, followed by a new Five Year Plan from September 2013, which has already allowed us to start the IBCP (IB Career Programme) for Years 12 and 13 in 2013-14 and complete the initial building project for OIS at the end of August 2014. As the school kept growing the SP for 2013-18 had to be reviewed and a new sport covered area is to be finished during the 2016-17 school year as well as we are looking into building 10 new classrooms. Academically we were granted the “New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)” candidate to accreditation status to initiate the whole self-study process for the joint re-accreditation with the IBO + NEASC for all our 3 programs on going. The final joint visit is planned for October 2018.
Meanwhile a Curriculum Coordinator was appointed in September 2014, as well as a new Language and Assessment Policies were put into place in the same year. In September 2016 CAS advisors and supervisors were appointed. In March 2016, Approaches to Teaching and Learning-ATTL training was offered at OIS to all teachers by IBO-trained staff. The role of the Librarian and Approaches to Learning (ATL) Coordinator, in the management of the Extended Essay (EE), Reflective Project (RP) and Personal Project (PP), was acknowledged and centralized, and from September 2016 an assistant-librarian was added to the Library staff. A clear system of admissions for the MYP, DP and CP was put into place from September 2016. Numbers in the CP have not yet justified the appointment of a separate CP Coordinator (as requested by the IBO). The Language policy is under revision since June 2016 in order to better implement the MYP – Next Chapter assessments. To achieve the goal for the 2016-17 year, of better collaboration and communication, it was recognized that a new daily schedule needs to be implemented in 2017-18 so that collaborative planning time can take place. As a consequence, co-curricular time on Wednesdays afternoon needs to be extended to all years 6-11 (inclusive).

Organisational Structure