Parents Club

Dear Parent and Friends of OIS,

We would like to welcome you all to the 2019-2020 school year, which promises to be yet another busy but exciting year for our children, especially with a brand new addition of the PYP school on our 10-year anniversary.

As our school has evolved, so has the Parents Club and we are lucky to have a welcoming, vibrant and active committee who work very hard to extend the hand of friendship and support to all our existing and new families. Our purpose is to support the philosophy of our school by creating a positive atmosphere that fosters a real sense of community spirit and provides some cultural enrichment for parents and we welcome any feedback as to ways that we could improve how we interact with the wider school community.

All parents at OIS are automatically part of the Parents Club and we believe it is a place where parents can learn more about the school, share ideas and where we provide opportunities for parents to become involved through a variety of rewarding and enriching community activities. We are not a fund raising committee but would like to be thought of as a “fun raising” committee, a place where new friends can be made and a real strong community raised, a place where we come together both socially and professionally and where we work together with our Principal, the teachers and staff to help make OIS an outstanding school for all our families.

We encourage all parents to attend our meetings and school events, to participate and share ideas and to show our children the importance of being involved – so that we lead by example and follow one of the school’s values, that of commitment and service.

If you have any questions about the Parents Club, OIS, or any of our activities, please contact us via email and we will endeavour to help you or direct you to the right person.

We wish you and your families a happy and fulfilling year with us at OIS.

Deema Alnammari – Wahbeh
President – OIS Parents Club

Current Committee:

President – Deema Alnammari-Wahbeh
Vice President MYP/DP – Marcia Kondo
Vice President PYP – Gislaine Saraiva
Secretary – Noki Trias
Treasurer – Ana Paula Silva
Cultural Committee – Alexia Swenden, Paula Pereira, Ana Aparicio, Ludy Kam
2nd Hand Uniform Shop – Isaline Lhoëst, Marina Vigario
Events committee – Marcia Laborie, Marjaneh Seifi, Renata Cafaro, Susana Bacelar, Leta Lazaridou, Sonya Frota
Sports Coordinator – Renata Cafaro, Fernanda Kalassa
Social Dinners – Deema Alnammari-Wahbeh
Coffee Mornings – Kristel Kaitila – Perez, Susana Bacelar
New Parents Liaison – Deema Alnammari – Wahbeh

Parents Club Calendar