School Uniform

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The school uniform is required for all students in Years 2 – 11.

Everyday Uniform

Years 2-11


  • Grey trousers/shorts (boys)
  • Grey skirt/trousers/skorts (girls) 
  • White shirt or polo
  • Grey socks or tights (girls only) 
  • All black shoes (including soles), without high heels, obvious logos or embellishments. During cold and wet periods, ankle boots are acceptable so long as they have flat heels and no logos or embellishments. 
  • Light blue jumper (cotton or wool)
  • Grey and blue fleece
  • Blue Top coat
  • Scarf
  • Beanie
  • Lab coat

PE Uniform:

Years 2-13

  • P.E. Uniform
  • Dark Blue/Grey shorts2
  • Blue polo shirt
  • OIS leggings for girls 
  • Grey tracksuit
  • Light blue Football socks
  • Shin Pads
  • Appropriate Footwear
  • Plimsolls (optional)

The school P.E. uniform, or the school designated team uniform and school tracksuit is compulsory for all sporting activities, both internal and external, and when travelling to participate in sporting activities and events

1In Summer Term and up to mid-term break of Autumn Term, girls are allowed not to wear socks or tights, if suitable footwear is worn. No sandals are allowed.

2During dance and gymnastics girls may wear black leggings if they wish

Correct Shoe guide

Years 12 + 13

• Clothing that is clean, tidy, socially and culturally acceptable
• Shorter shorts may be worn over leggings only
• The hem of shirts or tops should meet trousers or skirts, without exposing underwear or flesh
• Hats or caps should not be worn inside the buildings.
• The following items are not permitted to be worn by senior students: T-shirts with inappropriate slogans, spaghetti straps, strapless or low-cut tops or dresses, shorts and skirts above mid-thigh, backless sandals or ripped jeans

Hair, Make-up and Jewellery:

All pupils are expected to have clean and tidy hair, extreme cuts and styles are unacceptable.

Pupils below Year 12 are not allowed to wear any jewellery with the following exceptions:
• Watches
• A maximum of 2 pairs of stud/sleeper earrings in each ear lobe

Students below Year 12 should not wear make-up in school.

In Years 12 and 13 discreet jewellery and make-up may be worn.

The Principal has discretion to decide what is acceptable in matters of hair, jewellery and make-up.

Subject Specific Requirements

A Lab coat is required for lab work in all science subjects

Students are required to have a protractor, compass and ruler for maths. From Year 9 onwards, students shoud have a TI 84 calculator

All students are required to have a laptop for their studies



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